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How Much Does it Cost to Sell a House in South London?

It can be an expensive business if you are considering selling a house in Croydon, Lambeth, Wandsworth or anywhere in South London. Several costs and expenses are involved, from paying the estate agent to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) obligations. In this guide, we will consider the key associated costs so that you can budget, calculate your profit and understand what’s involved when selling a house in South London. The average

A Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon, one of the great films of the 70s, starring the wonderful Pacino and Cazale playing Sonny and Sal, a pair of dysfunctional ne’er-do-wells who botch a bank robbery on a hot summer’s afternoon in Brooklyn. A true story. And interestingly, for the times, they plan the robbery to fund a gender re-assignment for Sonny’s boyfriend Leon – they (preferred pronoun) were clearly ahead of their (ditto) time…

Stamp Duty Explained – Everything You Need to Know About Stamp Duty in South West London

If you’re looking to move to a property in south west London, you need to understand how stamp duty works and how much you are likely to pay. Stamp duty has been big news over the past two years. The chancellor introduced his stamp duty holiday in 2020, meaning there was no tax to pay on the first £500,000 of most purchases. The move set in motion the current housing

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