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Do You Need a Conveyancer or Solicitor to Sell a House in Southwest London?

People wonder do I need a conveyancer to sell a house? We explain the conveyancing process and why we don’t recommend scrimping on the legal work when selling.

An Inconvenient Truth

No, despite my impeccable woke credentials, I am not going to lecture you on climate change. We’re going to talk about truth, albeit at times inconvenient, and lies. Because even though I said that we’d do stats this month, and that I’d stop lying, this remains both true and false, because we are doing stats, but I lied again, because it’s no longer “this month” it’s now next month. However,

Can you Put an Offer on a House Before Selling Yours?

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth putting in an offer on a house before selling, we discuss the pros, cons and things to do to get your offer accepted.

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