AML Policy

Anti Money Laundering Policy

Policy Statement

Rampton Baseley is committed to ensuring that it has adequate controls to counter money laundering activities, in accordance with the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 and is registered and supervised by HM Revenue & Customs for compliance.

How We Manage Risk

Risk Assessment

The Money Laundering Regulations require Rampton Baseley to risk assess all business relationships in order to understand our clients and identify behaviour and circumstances that may indicate a higher risk of money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Rampton Baseley has implemented the appropriate policies and procedures required to minimise this risk.


Rampton Baseley is committed to staff training in anti-money laundering legislation to ensure they are aware of the risks of money laundering, the relevant legislation, and their responsibilities under that legislation. We are also committed to the practice that all relevant staff are fully trained in the firm’s procedures and in how to identify and deal with potential money laundering activities.


Documented compliance audits are carried out by Rampton Baseley. All customer due diligence carried out is monitored daily, before the business relationship with the client or counterparty to the transaction commences. Any remedial action and/or further training required is identified and implemented in a timely fashion.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Measures

The Individual
Adherence to the approved “Due Diligence” (DD) identification procedures on every occasion will mitigate the risks of our business being used to launder money or fund terrorism.

A proof of address and separate proof of ID that has been verified to be a “true likeness” must be obtained from the client.

Proof of Ownership (where relevant) is also carried out electronically, as part of our standard CDD (Criminal Due Diligence) process.

A Company or other legal structure

For clients who are not private individuals, such as corporate clients and private companies, we will take all reasonable steps to identify the Ultimate Owner and all Beneficial Owner/s and carry out DD on those individuals identified, as described above.  We will also obtain and hold on file official/company documents, as detailed below.

A Company (including a UK LLP) which is not listed on a regulated market such as the London Stock Exchange:

  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of the most recent filed Audited Accounts
  • Details of the current company officers (Directors, Company Secretary and Shareholders)

A Company (including a UK LLP) which is listed on a regulated market such as the London Stock Exchange:

  • A copy of a dated page from the website of the relevant stock exchange or
  • A photocopy of the listing in a reputable daily newspaper

A Trust:

  • Trust deed
  • List of trustees
  • List of beneficiaries

Due diligence will be carried out on all individuals with a vested interest in 25% or more of the capital and/or those who exercise control over the trust, as described above.


  • Grant of Probate (where a will was left)
  • Letter of Administration (where no will has been left)

Due diligence will be carried out on the executor or administrator, as described above.

Suspicious Activity Reporting

Rampton Baseley will notify the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) or Deputy MLRO if they have reason to suspect that a person may be engaged in money laundering and/or terrorist financing.  The MLRO and/or Deputy MLRO will review the information to hand and make a final judgement as to whether or not to submit a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) to the National Crime Agency.  Any decision made to submit a SAR will be confidential and not shared with the subject or any member of staff.   Contact details for the appointed MLRO are provided below.

Rampton Baseley Ltd
Amelia Rees-Williams
Rampton Baseley Ltd
131 Northcote Road
SW11 6PS
Rampton Baseley Bellevue Ltd
Leah Baron
Rampton Baseley Bellevue Ltd
30 Bellevue Road
SW17 7EF
Rampton Baseley Heaver Ltd
Rosie Angell-James
Rampton Baseley Heaver Ltd
255 Balham High Road
SW17 7BE

Record Keeping
In accordance with current legislation records of all Customer Due Diligence will be retained for at least five years from the end of the business relationship or five years from the date the transaction was completed.

The purpose of keeping these records is to demonstrate Rampton Baseley’s compliance with the regulations and to aid any resulting investigations.

The personal data we are obliged to collect under these regulations is necessary in order to exercise a public function that is in the public interest and we cannot lawfully delete it, even if requested under GDPR legislation until this period had lapsed.

In consideration of our carbon footprint, copies of all personal data and any documents procured for the purposes of identity verification will be stored electronically and will not be used for any other purpose.