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Come on down!

The Price is Right! Come on down! So sayeth those jacks of all (Light Entertainment) trades and those masters of none, Lord Leslie of Crowther and Sir Bruce Forsythe…those Titans of a Televisual Age gone by, may God rest their ever-smiling souls…and if you’ve wanted to sell a property in Wandsworth since Spring 2014, you have certainly had to price it right. You see, since April 2014 right up until

In conversation: Patrick Rampton

Patrick Rampton, of Rampton Baseley speaks with The Leaders Council in April. The full article can be found here and interview can be listened to here. “Twelve or so years ago there was a lot of noise, now there is silence.”: Rampton Baseley director compares his experience of two different crises.  Patrick Rampton is a business leader who has seen it all. Currently a company director at Rampton Baseley, a

The return of the bid

This past six weeks has seen the (un)welcome return (depending on which side of the selling fence you reside) of our old friend the sealed bid. As has been noted recently in these missives, the local market has been on fire since lockdown ended. Bear with me whilst I list some year-on-year statistical increases for the past six weeks; New buyer registrations – up 112% Viewings – up 115% New

Market Update 28.05.2020

No, this is not about one of London’s (some might say the nation’s) most influential 60s rock bands. It’s about hoses. Hoses and economics. And Kinks. So, please bear with me, as we take a brief and simplistic economic detour from the realms of Wandsworth Estate Agency… A noted behavioural economist once described the economy to me (i.e. in idiot’s/estate agent’s terms) as a pipe with water flowing through it;

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