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Attention all landlords: Let’s Talk About Lets!

We spend a lot of time discussing the housing market in these missives, and by that, I mean the sales market. And I guess that’s understandable for, as a nation dedicated to the notion of homeownership, property market reportage is big news. Indeed, if it weren’t for the volatility of the housing sales market, the Daily Express would surely cease to exist… So, let’s talk about Lets (bay-bee..) because, recently

What is a Mortgage Valuation and How Does it Work?

If you are applying for a mortgage to buy your new home, you need to know about the valuation survey your lender will carry out to check that the property is worth the price you’ve agreed to pay. According to the website This is Money, UK, house sales are being stalled because down-valuations by mortgage lenders are applying the brakes to surging property prices. Intense demand in the market for

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