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Selling Houses – Advantages of the High Street Approach

So this article was supposed to be about our new office on Bellevue Rd. “New office!?!” We hear you cry. “Are you mad?!? You’re expanding as the dark storm clouds of internet agency inexorably roll in from the East? Haven’t you seen the tv ads, they’re taking over the (property) world?” (Well, 3-5% of the property world – current estimates of UK market share) A big hedge fund published a

Find a London property gem? Check its lease

According to Property Wire, almost all flats in England and Wales are classed as leasehold property, yet a high amount – around one fifth of owners – aren’t clued up on the most fundamental points in the system, including the crucial 80-year rule. Research conducted by Bolt Burdon Kemp law firm revealed that more than half of respondents did not know that once a lease falls below 80 years, a

Why we’re not worried about our London markets

It was a big year for London property markets in the 2015 election year, with big, bold headlines to ring in January as the industry took its first tentative steps, with the prospect of potentially challenging policies in the air. As a leading provider of mid-price and high value property in prime London, we’ve felt like our niche was a target on more than a few occasions last year, but we’re here

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