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When is the Best Time of the Year to Sell a House in London

Deciding when it’s the right time to sell your home used to be simple. Spring was best, Easter especially, and early summer was good too. Summer holidays were … iffy and, while autumn was reasonable, you had to be quick. Anything after October half term, and a move by Christmas was out of the question, putting lots of buyers off. But things have changed over the past two year and

+++STOP PRESS+++ Brief Market Update

At this time of year, we talk to lots of new people dipping their toes into the new market. This New Year there’s a common theme – “I don’t want to go on the market as there’s nothing to buy – the cupboard is bare!” And yes, if you were to look in the cupboard marked “Rightmove”, it would indeed seem to be bare – available stock for Jan is

Trust In Me

“Trust in me, just in me…” so sang the Serpentine Seducer of the Junglebook. And so do oh-so many tedious estate agents of various shades (including me obvs). Anyway, I recently read the following headline in the industry press… “The market share of hybrid and online agents dropped to just 6.7% last year, down from 8% in 2020. * The report goes on, “Such a considerable underperformance in a buoyant

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