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How Long Does it Take to Sell a House in South West London?

For most sellers, speed is of the essence. Maybe you need to find a buyer quickly so your own offer will be accepted on a dream home, or you have another pressing deadline, like a job or school application. Whatever the reason, the question of how long it will take to sell your home is an understandable concern. If you’re hoping for a quick and easy house sale in south

Wandsworth Property Market – chicken or egg? 

“Half of all £1m+ UK house sales are in London…with Wandsworth leading the pack at 11%. (Ken and Chel 2nd at 9%).” So said a City A.M. headline the other day. Why is this a headline? Why is it important? What are they telling us? Well, firstly that property in WW is expensive, and secondly that it changes hands with alarming regularity. And this is true. And thirdly, I guess

What is the Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold

If you’re buying property in South West London, especially a flat or maisonette, you will usually do so on a leasehold basis. To anyone new to house hunting, the differences between buying leasehold v freehold, might seem confusing. But whether a property is freehold or leasehold is one of the first questions you should ask your estate agent before booking a viewing. We look at the pros and cons of

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