This is a market update!



I only want 126 seconds of your life (that’s how long it took me to re-read this), and these could be seconds well spent. This is……. a market update!

So, we enter a new season, and we enter a new market.

We enter a different world perhaps; uncharted waters, choppy, not to say tempestuous ones at that. Supreme Court judgements on the honesty of the Prime Minister, unprecedented political and constitutional upheaval, the like of which we’ve not seen in this country for a generation – a protracted and nasty battle that rages on and on amongst our politicians (someone once said that politics was showbiz for the ugly, I would add the adjectives dysfunctional and self-obsessed).

High drama indeed.

Also, to be honest, very, very, high tedium.

Constitutionally, politically and intellectually, fascinating.

But practically, OMG! So, so, bloody boring! Enough already please!

(That’s enough politics too already, Ed.)


OK so, anyway, bearing in mind all of the above, what does this all mean to you me and Dupree, sorry, I mean the market?


We reckon that after the 2016 referendum, the market dropped around 9%. We also reckon that since that dip, for a lot of properties, values have risen around 9%. We’re back to where we were.

How so? Well, our reading of 2019 buyer/seller mentality goes thusly;

Beginning of the year; “only three months until Brexit, let’s get stuck in!”

Spring; “they’ve moved Brexit until Halloween (how fitting), let’s get stuck in!”

Summer; “only three months until Brexit, let’s get stuck in!”

New Autumn term; “not long left now, let’s get stuck in!”

Now, and here’s the thing : people round here have had enough of the Brexit Boredom, and they merely want to get on with their lives. Just because the Ugly Dysfunctional Brigade couldn’t run a bath, doesn’t mean that the good denizens of Wandsworth have stopped marrying, breeding, divorcing or downsizing, or dying (bit bleak? Ed.).. The market is still here, and it’s still thriving; we’ve had our best year ever!

So if you have a good property around the commons, and you choose a good agent (us, obvs), and you set a good price, you WILL sell your home this Autumn; and you CAN get on with your life.


I assure you that this is true…(trust me, I’m an estate agent).


Patrick Rampton