Summer Loving Happens So Fast


The skies may be grey and we may be dodging showers but the Wandsworth lettings market has been hot hot hot.

It would appear that despite the move outside the M25 for some city dwellers, others still prefer their sushi with a side order of sirens and a dash of congestion charge for good measure.

London Town has it’s charms and our lovely Wandsworth has them in abundance.

The Summer weekend pedestrianisation of Northcote Road creates that relaxed jolly holiday vibe, and sitting with an Aperol watching the world go by, with the market stalls and restaurants buzzing……well, if you squint hard enough you could be in Perigeaux after all.

To steal a line from Hugh Grant “….so this is where I spend my days and years in this small village in the middle of a city”

So what does this mean for our lettings market?

Well it seems that everyone still wants a slice of this particular London village. The maelstrom months post Easter to the end of the Summer bring us many fabulous tenants and frankly not enough fabulous houses.

We are lucky at RB to have nurtured a really healthy market share and we let many of these gorgeous houses around the Commons, yet at one point this Summer demand was so high I’m sure that tenants felt they had more chance of spotting a rainbow unicorn on the Commons than they did a 5 bed house between them.

Our job has always been about people and property and of course matching the two. With demand so high and multiple offers common place we’ve seen the rise in tenants presenting themselves to landlords almost as if preparing a profile on a dating app.

What started out as a potted history of work, finances and previous rental history has now morphed into a property Tinder…..if only there were so many swipe right options for bricks and mortar!

It began with the American couple who along with their offer attached pictures of their family (including the dog), details of how they had met in college and the property they were leaving behind in New York. Then we had the family who asked us to take a picture of them in the house….“so the landlord could envisage them living there”

Now almost every offer will have details of people’s lifestyles and hobbies….strangely enough tending to lean towards the homemaking – sour dough and gardening variety as opposed to thrash metal and snake charming.

Of course it’s always been important for landlords and tenants to get along.

For most people their home is their primary asset and they want to feel they have left it in safe hands.

After all we’re talking long term commitment here, not one night stands.

Lettings is no longer a short term option, the average tenancy for us is 28 months and some tenancies will continue happily for years. Frankly if we can be the conduit to help along that perfect match then we’re thrilled.

Rampton Baseley: Sales, Lettings and Matchmaking.