Property Management

Property Management Services

We believe a well managed property helps support a smooth running tenancy. Our experienced Property Managers are based in our local offices in order to most effectively respond to any maintenance concerns.

Our Property Management Service includes:

  • Appointment of a designated property manager
  • Access to vetted contractors
  • Arranging quotes and supervising repairs and maintenance
  • Key holding
  • Transfer of Utilities
  • Pre-tenancy inspection
  • Property inspections and report every 6 months
  • Deposit claim negotiation
  • 24 hour emergency contact

Our Property Management team can be contacted directly on: 020 8125 7124

Out of Hours/Emergency Contact

If you live in a property that is managed by Rampton Baseley and you have a genuine plumbing or heating emergency, please call Spotless Group – Building, Lewis Blows – 07494 130233

Should you smell gas, call the Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111999.

If you are locked out, please call a local locksmith for assistance. Please note that reimbursements will not be made should you lock yourself out. If there was a problem with the lock, then please retain your receipt and send this to us with an explanation.

Please note that if it is not an emergency, we will deal with any maintenance issues when the office reopens. If a contractor is called out of hours and it was not an emergency, we cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed for this cost.

For properties not managed by Rampton Baseley, please do not call our 24-hour emergency plumbers unless you have consent from your landlords. If you call them and they attend, we cannot guarantee payment will be covered.