Boris Johnson Ate My Hamster!


Boris Johnson Ate My Hamster!

Well he didn’t really, not actually, but my brother was at Oxford with him and he has a few stories to tell (but that’s for another, potentially libellous article ….

Whatever your thoughts on Boris as a politician, or indeed as a person (and perhaps don’t ask my brother), the manner of his party’s recent election victory has hugely influenced the Wandsworth market. In a positive way, obvs.

Even in early December, as the more astute members of the public realised that Jezza was a busted flush (and to mix metaphors), headed down the Pan of Marxist-tinged Anti-Semitism, and that Bozza was, quite literally, the only bet in town, all the quality properties began to be snapped up.

People were competing for them, and pretty fiercely too: I don’t think that I can ever remember so many competitive bidding situations in December.

So, once Boz had comprehensively consigned Jez to the Trotskyite Toilet of History, the market kicked on again in the run up to Christmas, and a truly Festive Bun Fight ensued. Consequently, we took an unheard of step, and kept the office open between Xmas and NY – people were still ringing and registering throughout (as an aside, I was pondering on the type of family you must have, if you’d rather speak to an Estate Agent over Christmas rather than your nearest and dearest….)

Back to life, back to reality…

And now? Well, stock levels this January are half what they were last year. Conversely, buyer registrations are double what they were last year.

Now, you don’t need to have read The Wealth of Nations to get the supply and demand gist here, and its possible kick-on through to prices. We have very little stock, and very lots of buyers (direct quote from Adam Smith that).

So, give us a call, and we’ll pop round for a chat – your home may well be worth more than you thought (sorry, I had to put that in, it’s my job).

Oh, and maybe do it soonish; I don’t think that this market will necessarily last long; early research suggests that there are quite a few vendors waiting for the Feb Budget, and potential changes to Stamp Duty (and let’s be honest, if they do occur, they’re only going to be positive ones aren’t they?).

So, in six weeks or so, there may well be a lot of new property to the market, and the Smithsonian See-Saw of Supply and Demand, may well rebalance around the Fulcrum of Fate – trust me, I’m an Estate Agent