So sang Eric Idle’s Barrabas to Graham Chapman’s Messiah, Brian as they dangled helplessly on their crucifixes.

Did Barrabas know about the resurrection? That after death there would be life, that after the darkness comes the light? Well, who knows, and indeed who cares? But as we head toward the Easter weekend, perhaps we should linger a while on matters dogmatic and doctrinal regarding the afterlife?

We have just passed the Vernal Equinox, and the days now become longer than the nights. Historically this was a sacred and significant occasion and as such was religiously and indulgently celebrated by the Ancients. The end of the darkness and the beginning of the light. Spring following Winter – a time of rebirth, regeneration, and resurrection…


Yes, the Christians spotted that word too. You see the early Christian church needed a feast day to celebrate their Messiah’s victory over Death, a time to praise the glorious resurrection of The Son (Sun?) as they sought to convert the pagan hordes. The equinox was ideal; the local heathens already used it as a festival, and it was sufficient distance from their last religious rebranding/appropriation (Winter Solstice/Birth of Baby Jesus) for them to get away with it.

And so, one quiet news day in the second century, they slyly slipped Easter into the calendar.

Easter, a celebration of Christ’s resurrection after crucifixion, or the cynical appropriation of an ancient pagan festival by the New Cult on The Block for religiopolitical gains?

Only you, the viewer, can decide…

Er…property-related news?

Yup hang on, almost there – because, not only at this time of year did the Son of Man arise from his somnolence and start wandering the streets of Jerusalem doing miracles again, but also, traditionally, the UK housing market now shakes off its sleepy shroud and starts to perform miraculous feats to behold… (there you go, worth it wasn’t it?).

And my, what wondrous feats we are currently beholding as the holy hand of vaccination rolls away the sepulchral stone from the Catacomb of Covid!

As previously predicted in these pages a month ago, a massive wave of market activity surged and swelled through Wandsworth almost engulfing the good ship Rampton Baseley. A wave generated by all that was discussed last month – money, desire, and light – and accelerated by the budgetary stimuli of the stamp duty holiday extension and the govt underwriting of 95% mortgages. This wonderous wave through Wandsworth produced an absurd level of activity. Consequently, we have just completed our busiest ever month, during which…

We had more sealed bids than in the previous six months.
Over 60% of our properties ranging from £400k to £4m, were agreed at asking price or over at an average of 99.15%
The number of offers received was up 79%
We agreed more sales (up 88% on 2020) than any other month in our 13-year history.
We registered 140% more buyers, who have done 190% more viewings, than the same period last year.
And now we are left blinking on the bridge, wiping the brine from our eyes, as the ship bobs gently on swelling Spring Tide, it’s all hands-on deck as we ready to batten down the hatches for the approaching Easter Inundation.

With the pent-up demand, the financial stimuli in action, the sun shining, and the surge to the suburbs I envisage this extremely busy Spring market pushing through to Summer (an island-bound nation?).

As I write this, I gaze out onto that most marvellous of urban thoroughfares, the Balham High Road, normally so grey, gritty, and gruesome. But today, bathed in exquisite Spring sunshine, as the lorries rumble past, and I reflect upon the vaccine, the weather, and the pub gardens, I believe that for once, when I look upon the Balham High road, I am looking on the bright side of life…

Amen to that.