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Best of the best in the area

As buyers of our first family home, while expecting our first baby, we could not have been luckier in meeting the team at RB. Hannah Callaghan and Alison Craske in particular deserve a mention - top notch professionals who do a seamless job at taking away as much as possible the stress that any house transaction naturally creates. Based on the entire process from the first call to the branch booking our first viewing to completion day when we picked up our keys, we would recommend the RB team to anyone who's looking to purchase or sell a house in the area. Their success in the area is no surprise, and greatly deserved.

Stefano C - 27/08/2019

Great team and client book

Very friendly and professional team. Great book of clients, didn't have to put the house on the market and in the end despite ups and downs got a deal done.

Marvin - 12/08/2019

Outstanding service!

I couldn't recommend Rampton Basley highly enough. It was a long and difficult process so us and the team kept us going throughout. It's the little things that count like always telling us what a great job we'd done making the house look it's best. When you've spent hours cleaning the house for yet another viewing it's comments like those that keep spirits high. Thank you so much and a social thank you to Liz, Bella, Hannah and Rupert!

Pip Tennant - 06/08/2019

Took longer than expected to sell but professional, polite and knowledgeable throughout

It's a pretty difficult market at the moment and has been for a few years. It has felt sometimes like we are being asked what we think or what we want to do re the price whereas what I would have liked / expected is to be given hard advice. \nIn my business clients ask me for their advice - I am the market professional and so give them my opinion. I may be right or I may be wrong but I stand by my opinion and don't sit on the fence. Would really have liked that when selling no matter how hard the advice is to hear. \nAll that said though Rupert and the team were brilliant, professional, responsive and courteous - and overall really pleased to have sold the house!!\nThanks again\nAlex

Alex Lawton - 22/07/2019

Very impressed

We were really impressed with the service provided and feel we achieved a good price for our property.

Katie Yates - 13/07/2019

Great service!

Liz was excellent in helping us navigate through our first purchase of our home. She was a key driving force in ensuring things were done as quickly and efficiently as possible. She provided assistance when needed and we would highly recommend her. And she is great with kids too! Wish she could be our babysitter. Thanks for everything Liz!

Jolene - 23/08/2019

Great service from the best Between the Commons estate agent

The RB team really know their stuff Between the Commons. We have used them for sales and renting and would highly recommend them. They have a very straightforward, professional approach and their advice is always spot on.

bengreen23 - 19/08/2019

Super team!

Alison Craske who was our negotiator was fantastic. She went above and beyond at every stage, offering sound advice and happy to talk outside of office hours. She’s made what is a pretty stressful process as seamless as possible. We’re very grateful for all she has done.

victoria greenyer - 14/08/2019

Amazing service

The team are all fantastic. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Rob Parkes - 07/08/2019

Very satisfied

Throughout our house search Liz was excellent. She always went the extra mile to show us houses that would work, including on bank holidays and her days off. This really helped us out. She has fantastic energy and was a real pleasure to spend time viewing houses with. We’re grateful she didn’t give up on us and our search, despite there being times when the going was tough for us. I’d recommend her. Paul was also very good at the end of the process and his expertise helped carry the transaction over the line.

Victoria Durman - 06/08/2019