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Totally Impressive in ALL Aspects

The sale of the house in Balham was not straightforward given Covid lockdown came into play and one or two crises arose towards the last few days. Relief to have reached the point of exchange is my main feeling! I suspect I am not alone. \nThree things have really stood out through the whole process ... \nFirst, communication. \nAt all points, I was kept fully informed and felt included not just in decisions but also with 'what is happening'. I want to single out the regular phone calls I received from Ben, Head of Sales, checking that I knew what was happening, was happy with what was happening. I was not just another property going to market, I was a person with a life, trying to sell a property. Brilliant ... both the leading of the sales team and the care for the client. \nSecond the best estate agent possible. \nI would like to compliment and thank Alison unreservedly. Without exception, she has proved to be the best estate agent I have dealt with (and there have been a few). She has a tenacity cloaked in kid gloves, never loses the plot or the goal and always appears totally calm and approachable... absolutely superb. I knew she was always 'on the case' even when away for a break much deserved. \nThird, very smooth cohesion between sales and rental arms. \nI really appreciated the communication between Romany from the rental side and the whole sales team. Selling a tenanted property is not always easy but Romany was superb with dealing with the Tenants throughout, making sure I knew where I stood legally and communicating with sales. \nI can only say thank you and if I ever have a whim to buy and sell again in Balham, I know where to come!

Christine Box - 08/10/2020

Generally speaking we were happy with the end result. In hindsight we should not have gone for the valuation we were given, or rather we should not have gone for the top end of it as we didn't receive an offer anywhere near that really. Whether that was our misunderstanding or whether we were perhaps guided wrong I don't know... \nAli did a great job of getting it over the line though

George - 01/10/2020

Great service!

Rampton Baseley was recommended to us by friends and we were very glad to have worked with them, both in terms of financial result as well as their handling of our sale. Very professional and knowledgeable but also very warm and understanding during the (sometimes stressful) process. We were assisted by Alison, who did a wonderful job. Lovely personality, very capable and extremely punctual and organised. Could not recommend her highly enough.

Liza - 09/09/2020

Best estate agents I've ever dealt with by a mile. Very on the ball with communicating what's going on during the renting process. Was previously renting with them before moving into the new flat and the fact they were also advertising the new place was a big pull.

Cort - 24/06/2020

All competent, clear and no issues. Good communication throughout.

Ross - 24/06/2020

Would highly recommend, very helpful throughout process

Liz was fantastic throughout the process. She was very friendly and transparent and offered helpful advice throughout. She was also very on top of things (particularly with the solicitors) and helped us to meet our timelines. Would highly recommend.

David Askew - 04/10/2020

Great team, efficient service

Terrific service

Gulnaz Aricanli - 04/09/2020

I'd definitely recommend Rampton Baseley - Josh was great and super helpful throughout the whole process!

Holly Morrison - 02/09/2020

Great service overall through a difficult process

I had been looking at the fabled 'between the commons' houses with Maartje for coming up to a year - including missing out on an earlier sealed bid - when we found the perfect home for us. It was our first personal experience buying a property, and proved not to be the simplest one, with sealed bids, some follow ups from the survey, and some last minute timing issues thrown in by the sellers - but, through all that I found Maartje extremely helpful and communicative. She was a great balance of professional and personable, which made us feel like more than just transactional customers. \nI know - as everyone kept reminding me - that estate agents operate on behalf of the sellers as their client, but it did genuinely feel like Maartje also had our best interests at heart, especially through some of the more difficult conversations with the sellers. \nThe only other constructive comment would be that we had a few wrinkles early on in terms of email responsiveness - email is a much easier way for me to communicate vs phone calls (with constant work meetings & a toddler at home!). We found other agents made better use of email/ whatsapp vs. never-ending phone tennis and voicemails.

Caroline - 27/08/2020

Liz Nascimento

We have just purchased a house on Brodrick Road, where Liz was the representing the agent for the sale. \nWe first met Liz a year or so ago when we came close to buying a house on Dents road, that fortunately fell thru. During that year long period of searching Liz had been pro-active, reachable, and lovely to deal with, in an order of considerable magnitude v's the competition; of which there are plenty. We were registered with pretty much every agent in the area, none were as easy, professional, and a pleasure to deal with as Liz... she didn't beat the competition by a country mile, she beat them by 2 country miles, it was quite outstanding the difference... especially as I am sure the %of compensation must be similar between agents... so I don't believe it was monetarily driven, she was just simply better than everyone else, not in an aggressive sales way, but just being nice, kind, approachable, and listening to what we wanted, not just trying to offload what she had for sale. If it wasn't what we told her we were looking for... she didn't waste our time trying to get us to see it for her viewing stats. \nAlthough we didn't pay her a cent, at times it often felt she was working for us not the sellers. I have no idea of your internal sale practices, but if the mantra is to own the buyer... Liz did that in spades. \nI wouldn't recommend another agent after dealing with many, other than Liz. \nThank you lIz for helping us find a wonderful family home... the house we just purchased was owned but the previous family for 22 years, if you are still around in 22 years... you will be our first call when we come to sell. \nMany Thanks. \nAdam & Asami York.

Adam - 20/08/2020