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Sale of Flat 5 Hillbury Road SW17 8JT

Thank you your service and approach has been greatly appreciated and welcome. \nParticular thanks to John Lacey with his diligent attention

Stuart Lee - 01/04/2021

Great experience from start to finish

Professional and friendly from day one. John was always prompt communicating and moved things forward at a good pace. Made the experience a breeze and would highly recommend John (and the firm) to anyone buying or selling a property.

Sam - 31/03/2021

I was very fortunate to have John Lacey advising me on my first property purchase as he was exceptionally efficient, hard-working, knowledgeable & generally a pleasure to work with especially as we ran into numerous obstacles out of our control along the way. I will definitely recommend both John & agency to friends!

Charlie - 08/03/2021

John Lacey looked after the sale and did an excellent job in keeping on track what turned out to be a difficult transaction. the lack of a EWS1 certificate could easily have de-railed the deal but John kept the buyer on-side whilst we procured the survey and certificate. Meanwhile Ben keeping in touch reassured us of your committment. \nwell done.

chris strickland - 08/03/2021

Excellent local agent

Delighted with the service on the sale of our property in Tooting Bec.

Melanie Cullis - 17/12/2020

Property Sale

The Rampton Baseley team, specifically John Lacey, found me the perfect buyer for my property. It sold quickly once we took their expert advice. I was particularly impressed that John guided the process through too aligning buyer, seller and solicitors to ensure we were all on the same page. \nWould definitely recommend their professional approach.

Jason Jago - 29/03/2021

Very pleased with our off-market sale!

We had been in dialogue with Rupert for some time about the best way to market our home when the time came to sell - and his advice had always been to privately market the house off-market to get a speedy result. When we pulled the trigger to sell the house the advice we were given was proven accurate and before long Liz had two strong offers on our house within a week, both at record valuations for the area. Even though the initial property we were under offer on fell through as we were gazumped Liz kept our buyers calm and managed to re-engage them when we found another property. She managed the process very well using good communication and we exchanged last Friday despite a couple of small wrinkles all of which she smoothed out effortlessly. We would very much recommend Liz, Rupert and the whole team at RB to anyhow who asked - many thanks!

Nick Scott - 09/03/2021

Bella has been really great. Since i’ve meet her a year ago, she’s always been very helpful, keeping me up to date with new houses coming on the market and staying in touch. Through the sale of the house we purchased, she’s been really on it and helping us chase mortgage and lawyer, and keeping communication between all parties flowing really fast, and facilitating a fast sale. \nShe’s also a good sales person keeping price high ;) i did admire how she managed to get us to add more to our offer. \nWe’ve had other interactions with other staff members when Bella wasn’t around and I would argue they were maybe a bit too much on the arrogant side. For example we had enquired about another property and if they would be flex on price which we were quite arrogantly rebuffed... a few weeks after the price of that property was reduced. So maybe at times, stay feet on the ground is not such a bad thing even if you need to protect your clients. Which is why i would put a 4 star overall because arrogance is not a trait I appreciate. Only Bella was really the only one that was really approachable and not arrogant.

- 21/02/2021

Excellent and professional service.

Excellent and professional service.

Giles Rowbotham - 19/02/2021

Great service and very professional

Maartje was fantastic throughout a rather long, protracted process, but we got there in the end. Very professional and kept me informed all the way. Thankyou very much!

Catherine O'Regan - 15/02/2021

Very good

Very good service in tricky lockdown market - achieved good result despite slightly bumpy ride

SimonPhilips - 07/04/2021

Lavender Gardens

Very good service all round. Compared to other agents, Rampton Baseley seemed to have a great selection of what I was looking for: medium-high price 2-bed apartments, in high spec. The agents wouldn't bombard me with a load of rubbish I wasn't interested in. \nLiz was very helpful throughout - at the start, we were unsure we would meet the stamp duty holiday. It was essential for both me and the vendor that we got it through in time, so she was instrumental in helping push through a lot of the arduous tasks, such as the local searches, and being a reliable contact between both solicitors.

Charlie Kirby - 30/03/2021

Amazing customer service

Exceptional level of customer service from the very beginning of the process to the end. Very reliable and great attention to details. We felt very much looked after all the time, with a great personal approach which is very helpful during stressful time. We never felt forgotten or left alone since the very first days. The entire team is really good, but Liz is amazing. We had to deal with other estate agencies in the past and we never had such a positive experience. Thank you from the heart for your professional support. we would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for properties in your area. \n

Elena - 25/03/2021

Liz is a star!

Liz has been very professional and helpful from the very beginning to the end of the process. Her advice based on her longstanding experience as well as her friendly and honest nature have been invaluable throughout the process.

musa sonmez - 21/03/2021

Liz is brilliant

Liz was the only person I dealt with from Rampton Baseley - mainly because she was all I could have needed. Professional and helpful and wary of both mine and the vendors positions trying to mediate between us both. Also being a first time buyer and new to the process she made it as simple as possible and couldn't be happier! Thank you for everything Liz

Sam - 17/03/2021